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4 Tips To Change Your Business Attitude

4 Tips To Change Your Business Attitude

Hey, I hear you. This has been the most trying year for everyone, and especially entrepreneurs. So many of us have wanted to throw in the towel at least once, if not twice in 2020. One thing this year has taught me is to be mentally resilient in business adversity, I want to share with you how I have kept my doors and my mind open up to this point.

#1 Don’t Stop Showing Up

This can be the toughest change in business attitude, I know. What I have learned this year is that success is not about having the best product, being the smartest entrepreneur, or offering the most affordable service. It’s all about continuing to push through on both the good and bad days. Never underestimate the value of simply doing the work over and over again until you see results, and then work more.

#2 Seize Every Opportunity

When you are down on your luck and things don’t feel like they are working out, this can be the most difficult time to put a smile on your face, introduce yourself, and market your business with a great attitude. It is more important now than it ever has been to show up in those groups, attend the zoom calls, and let the world know what you have to offer. Feel like you already said that? Say it again. Think everyone already knows about your promo? Tell them again.

#3 Stop Obsessing Over Your Competition

My husband and I have both had our share of spending too much valuable time concerned about our competitors. We shifted our focus from them to making our products and services the best they could be. When we did that, our sales doubled, and then tripled, and for him, even quadrupled. I promise, if you just forget about what they are doing, It will change your life and business forever.

Our only competition should be with the entrepreneurs we were yesterday.

#4 Stop Personalizing

Most of our businesses were built on a foundation of who we are as people. It becomes easy to think the bad days are about who we are as people. You can find less stress when you allow experiences simply to happen, rather than thinking they are happening to you or against you. “All that is required is a shift in perspective through removing personal prejudice. Do not buy the idea that your experiences are all about you.” – Gary Fugere

Where you are right now, I’ve been there. I cry real tears over my business. My feelings get hurt too. It is time to pick yourself up out of this rut and remind your inner hustler what you are here for. Then, don’t stop until you get there.

Me and Bulletproof Coffee

Me and Bulletproof Coffee

During a brief stint working as a 911 dispatcher, my co-workers and I would take turns bringing in different gourmet coffee. In the midst of an intense discussion about what coffee tastes better, one of the deputies recommended butter coffee and another co-worker agreed.

Assuming butter coffee was simply a slab of butter melted into my coffee, I scooped out some of our salted margarine from the bin and dropped it into my coffee. “Gross!” I said to myself as I poured it down the drain.

Almost a year later, and after losing approximately 30 lbs from LINK cutting soda, I set out on a journey to heal my ADD. It was then, that I stumbled upon “Butter Coffee” in a different light.

Bulletproof Coffee: The worldwide coffee phenomenon.

During an interview with Regina Meridith, Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof coffee, explained the cognitive benefits of adding butter and brain octane oil to your coffee, only this time I learned a. it needs to be unsalted, grass fed, butter (not margarine) blend it all together to create a foamy latte-textured drink.

After hunting down some Kerry Gold Unsalted butter and purchasing Brain Octane Oil from Bulletproof, my life changed forever.

The enlightening benefits I received from consuming one cup of “Bulletproof” style coffee each morning:

  • Consuming healthy fats in the beginning of my day, provided me with increased energy & cognitive function.
  • Motivation
  • Decreased appetite in the morning – allowed for a longer intermittent fast.
  • Decreased sugar cravings.

I loved bulletproof coffee so much, that we introduced it at our coffee shop as the “Invincible Joe” Our butter and oil coffee is made from our single origin beans brewed and blended with grass-fed unsalted butter and coconut oil.  We make this coffee at Carrier Coffee Company because it tastes great and has amazing health benefits.

If buttered coffee isn’t your thing, you can still get plenty of benefits from MCT or coconut oil. Try drinking your coffee black alongside a scrambled egg cooked in coconut oil, which is naturally rich in MCTs. You can also add it to your favorite smoothies. Just remember to stick with the all-natural (i.e., trans fat-free) varieties.

It’s an extra 200-300 calories, so it has to replace some food or another caloric beverage, Otherwise, you would gain an extra 20 to 30 pounds each year by having a cup per day. If you’re trying to cut calories or saturated fat, Bulletproof probably isn’t the brew for you. But it does have a whole lot more health benefits than many of the other blended whipped cream-on-top beverages you could be sipping.

Sources: Women’s Health & Dr. Axe
If you try bulletproof coffee or any other kind of blended coffee at home, use caution when blending hot liquids. Please consult with your physician before starting a new diet or consuming increased amounts of fat & MCT oil as part of a health plan.
Don’t Let Brick and Mortar Die: 4 Steps To Securing Repeat Customers

Don’t Let Brick and Mortar Die: 4 Steps To Securing Repeat Customers

With all of the online shopping hype, you may believe that brick and mortar retail will slowly fade out and that online shopping is the future. This is not the case today. While online shopping is a great new convenient technology, we have to remember that people do not want to be stuck at home all of the time. More than that, people are eagerly seeking out smaller communities to visit and experience. We just have to let them know that we are here and what we have to offer.

Ask yourself today: “What makes a customer leave their home to visit my store?”

Would you personally leave your home to visit your store if you did not own it? What makes it so special? Nowadays brick and mortars aren’t competing for customers based on product. We are competing based on experience. Before diving deep into marketing your business in this post-modern era, take some time to ask yourself what does your business have to offer for a unique experience? Got the answer? Great. Lets market like we have never marketed before!

1. Get Social.

If you haven’t yet, its time to set up that Facebook business page. If you already have one, it’s time to get active. Check out Wordstream’s article on Getting Started With Social Media Marketing. Share photos to your social profile that will entice customers to visit your store. Talk about the environment, the staff, etc. Don’t forget to engage with customers by answering questions and encouraging them to comment. This builds relationships and loyalty. Chances are, you are already spending time on social media. Take that time to market your business. One simple step you can take today is liking and commenting on other posts, just to help people remember your name.

2. Get on the Map.

With today’s technology, a potential customer no longer has to drive around searching for what they need. They simply push a button on their phones, and say “I would like a giant cheeseburger.” Google will analyze the need and location of the customer and gather a business list of the closest restaurants known for “Giant Cheeseburgers.” The map will take the customer directly to that business. Is your business in on this action? Click here to add your business to the map!

3. Check your facade.

Is it time to update the facade of your building? Been needing to update your signage? Studies show that just changing an accent color, or adding a potted plant can help potential customers to notice your store. Some cities have exterior facade programs to help offset the cost of upgrading the exterior of your building – check with your local economic development organization for information.

4. It’s All About The Vibes

Create a clean environment your customer will want to spend time in. When you make a customer’s visit enjoyable, they will do half of your marketing for you. When its not-so-great they also will spread the word. Talk to your staff today about customer service, organization, and cleanliness.

Likes Are Last Season

Likes Are Last Season

A post having many Facebook likes used to tell the social giant’s algorithm that “this content is important.”

Today, likes having any significant meaning are now a thing of the past in the world of social media. Many online entrepreneurs are even fessing up that the people who purchased their products, are finding the information on social media, but aren’t engaging with it.

“A few years ago, you could take likes to the bank. But, those days are over, and they are never coming back. In fact, when I looked into who bought my programs and became one-on-one clients in 2017, I realized most of them didn’t engage with my content. They didn’t “like” my posts. I didn’t notice them inside my Facebook Groups. They didn’t reply to my emails or other social media messages.” – Scott Oldford, Guest Writer for Entrapreneur

Now Think about the last time that you personally seen something interesting on Facebook. You may have clicked the link, read through the article, or considered the purchase. Did you go back to your feed and click “like”? I ain’t doing it.

When I started using Instagram as a tool for my business, I may have received 4-5 likes per post. With that said, over a period of one month and consistent posting and engaging, I was able to see a 32% increase in sales. Although my posts didn’t get likes, I knew that my consistent marketing was the root of my increased sales.

Likes do not measure social media marketing impact. The only true way to gage the effectiveness of your content is to watch how sales, personal messages, emails, and phone calls have increased.

Read what I have to say on building an authentic social media following.


How To Build A Tribe Of Followers Online

How To Build A Tribe Of Followers Online

My page needs more followers so I can reach more people. I need to reach more people so I can get more sales. I need more, more, more.

Can you relate? I’m not sure if I know of an entrepreneur that hasn’t said they want more. More could mean that you have become successful and have the desire to push further – way to go! It could also mean you just want enough sales to keep the freaking lights on, Can I get an amen?

Is chasing a high quantity of followers the answer?

Let’s take a look at the life of a fisherman. He or she could catch many small fish by tossing out a large net. How often have you heard a fisherman say “look at how many tiny fish I caught today”?  Let’s be real, how many tiny fish would it take to actually feed a family. If you talk with a fisherman, he or she would say that “the trophy catch, or the fish large enough to feed their family, comes from using the proper bait at the right time with a great amount of patience”.

I hope your picking up what I’m putting down here. Sure, it is a great ego boost to have a ton of followers. A large amount of fake followers aren’t feeding your business by engaging or buying, is that what you really want? More importantly, you should be targeting an authentic following from people that will be loyal to your brand.

How do you find true followers?

Authenticity = Bate. Consistency = Time. Building a loyal tribe requires you to show up every single day being REAL.

I read this quote sometime ago. “If you are 1 in a million, consequently there are 7,000 people on this earth just like you.”  This means that the only thing setting you apart from the millions of other entrepreneurs out there is your unique ability to deliver the information like no one else can. Sure, other people might be selling the same exact thing, but those 7,000 people, your people, they are out there and they are waiting for the information to come from YOU. You have to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and deliver your product in the most TRUE-YOU way that you can.

You will notice that the more authentic you become, the more your people will start to flock to you. I promise you, authenticity works, because it worked for me.

For every one person that I pushed away by being authentic, it seems like I drew a deeper connection with 2 others. Those are great odds. When someone unfollows me.. Bye Felicia. Hello to my people.

In business, people aren’t buying a product. They are buying a story and experience. If your real story is relatable to them, they are likely to follow you. Then once you have built trust with them, they are likely to purchase from you. The real you.

Want to learn more about authenticity and leading with your true self? Try this book.