Jess Carrier’s 

Bathroom Makeover

The last grey room of the house… finally white and black, with some beautiful new fixtures, shower curtain, and medicine cabinet. 

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Setting the Scene: The Vision

Every great makeover starts with a vision, and for this bathroom, the goal was to blend modern organic with rustic charm. I wanted to create a space that felt relaxing, yet on-trend.

Lighting the Way: Farmhouse Fixtures

One of the key elements of this makeover was the farmhouse light fixture. With its vintage-inspired design and warm glow, it instantly adds character to the space. Positioned above the mirror, it not only illuminates the room but also serves as a stylish focal point.

Reflecting Style: Trendy Round Mirror

No bathroom makeover is complete without a statement mirror, and this one certainly delivers. The trendy round shape adds visual interest, while the sleek frame complements the modern aesthetic. Positioned above the sink, it reflects natural light and opens up the room, making it feel more spacious. For this space, I could have gone a few inches larger on the mirror, but for now – this works great. It was simple to hang and although it appears to be heavy duty, it was light weight.

Functional and Fashionable: New Medicine Cabinet

Storage is always a priority in a bathroom – especially in a house that only has ONE! The new medicine cabinet checks all the boxes. It provides the perfect blend of functionality and style. Plus, the sleek design and black color, against the white wall seamlessly integrates into the overall look of the space.

Curtain Call: Extra-Long Linen Shower Curtain

To add texture and depth to the room, an extra-long linen shower curtain was installed. Not only does it create a soft, airy feel, but it also adds a touch of luxury to the space. Paired with the ceiling track, it allows for easy movement and adds a twist to the traditional shower setup.

Painting a Picture: Behr’s Blank Canvas and Black

Last but certainly not least, the paint colors set the tone for the entire makeover. With Behr’s “Blank Canvas” and “Black,” the bathroom exudes sophistication and style. The matte sheen adds a subtle elegance, while the contrasting colors create depth and dimension.

The Final Look: A Blend of Modern Organic and Industrial Farmhouse

When it all comes together, the result is nothing short of stunning. The farmhouse-inspired elements, such as the light fixture and round mirror, are perfectly balanced with modern touches like the shower curtain track and sleek paint colors. The end result? A bathroom that’s both beautiful and functional—a true sanctuary within the home.


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