Mexico Beach Wedding Photos

A Beautiful Cabo San Lucas Wedding : Megan & Mitch

We boarded a plane from Omaha at 6:30 in the morning on Thursday, and after a few stops and customs checks, the wedding party, family, my husband and I stepped foot in Mexico – most of us for the first time. I knew it was going to be a great time when, arriving at the […]

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Children's School Art Gallery Wall

Kid Art Gallery Wall

If your kids are in elementary school, then I’m sure you can understand how over-run the front (or in my case, the side) of your refrigerator can become with art projects, papers, schedules, and spelling lists. Un-Lucky me, the side of my refrigerator is the first thing you see when entering through our back door After […]

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Family Parents Holding Hands

Why Small Businesses That Band Together Are More Successful

I received an email today from industry leader – Jeff Goins, with a recommendation to attend a webinar given by one of his peers – Danny Ivy. During this webinar, Danny made it clear that everyone who was there in attendance – every single person of over 1,000 people – was there by referral! Wow. […]

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Senior Photo Ideas With Vintage Chair

2015 Senior Photo Ideas : Kelsey

We went all over the place for Kelsey's senior photo session. I have picked a few of the best from each location. I hope this gives you inspiration for your senior session. Enjoy! In A … [Read More...]

Grandview Park Sioux City Grafitti Senior Picture Idea

Senior Picture Ideas : Cheyanne

Are you looking for some great ideas for senior photos? Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some of my most creative work with high school seniors. This is Cheyanne's session. She was my first … [Read More...]