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Goodbye Disc… Hello PASS

After some experimenting in my community, and learning what my clients want – I have come to be what the photo-industry calls a “Shoot and Share” photographer. “Shoot and Share” is basically a term for photographers who take the photos and then share them with their clients via disc, usb drive, email, or some other […]

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DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Printed and Framed

DIY Bathroom Wall Decor

So I found these framed prints at a thrift store for next to nothing. I decided to use them in my already wild print decorated bathroom.   I printed out the words “flush, brush, and wash” on standard printer paper using photo shop, but I have attached the instructions to achieve the same effect using […]

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Senior Boy With His GMC Truck

Senior Guy Photo Shoot : Jacob 2015

Jacob had the fantastic Idea to use these tracks for his photos. During the editing process, I noticed it reminded me of a scene from "The Walking Dead" - a show I am a huge fan of. So I couldn't help … [Read More...]