It was time to break free from luxury resort life to experience the culture of Mexico!

We were having a great time at our Cancun resort, but my husband was getting bored sitting on the beach. Snorkeling happened to be on my bucket list, so we booked a snorkeling, sailing, and shopping excursion to Isla Mujeres with Cancun Adventures.

The trip includes an hour of sailing in the Caribbean, 30 minutes of snorkeling, open bar, lunch, and two hours of shopping on the island. 

Cancun Adventures Catamaran

All Aboard The Catamaran

Guests arriving at the marina are escorted directly to their Catamaran. Aboard the boat, you are met with upbeat music and a high energy crew. The boats facilities are kept clean and the staff is accomodating. On our trip, the staff announced immediately that the winds were going to be too high for snorkeling. When this happens, passengers are given the option to stay and enjoy sailing with longer shopping time on the island. If not, they are offered a refund. We were already enjoying the vibes, so we happily stayed aboard to enjoy the sailing. When we were pulling out of the marina, each catamaran crew had a competition to see who’s passengers could cheer the loudest. This set the stage for a high energy saving trip.

Sailing To Isla Mujeres
No Photoshop – Legit The Color Of The Water Here

Approaching The Island

I will be forever grateful that we opted to continue the excursion, because Isla Mujeres is the most beautiful place. The chef aboard the catamaran provides passengers with a delicious meal before arriving at the marina. The staff tells a brief history of Isla Mujeres and some folklore about a fertility structure found on the island.

Isla Mujeres means Island Of Woman and according to the catamaran crew, the name was given by a Spanish expedition. The crew of this 1517 expedition found female-shaped images representing The Mayan Goddess of Childbirth and Fertility – Ixchel.

Be sure to notice the beautiful Mexican homes as you approach Isla Mujeres. We found later, that the homes on the island each have unique names posted outside (I forgot to take a photo).

The crew gives great reccomendations on where to go. They recommended to go snorkel independently in a lagoon, shop locally, or tour the island via golf cart. They also told us about a place to rent bicycles. We skipped the snorkeling and rented a golf cart to tour the island. The cost of the golf carts are $40 USD for two hours. The owner will hold your driver’s license until you return to ensure the safe return of the cart.

The Most Beautiful Sight

I highly recommend renting a golf cart! Cruise down to the most southern point of the island, Punta Sur. Maps are available in most of the shops and provided by the golf cart rental store. At the south end of the island, you will find a park with vibrant artwork and a walking path that leads to the most eastern point of Mexico.

Punta Sur features mayan ruins and the Cliff of The Dawn.  We spotted a large iguana, unique metal art, and took our photo next to a few remaining mayan structures including the remains of the small Mayan temple – Ixchel. I tried to get close to the iguana, but my husband freaked out! Chicken. (before you assume.. no, I wasn’t going to disturb it – just wanted a better photo.)

I also recommend slow-cruising from the south to the north end of the island because you will enjoy the view of beautiful beach scenery, neat-looking homes, and the breath-taking turquoise water. Sometimes, there are coconut stands and taco carts on the side of the road. I wish we would have stopped at one, but traffic was backed up so we kept moving along.

Isla Mujeres Shopping

There is a small public beach, but it can felt crowded. There weren’t many options for swimming beaches. The water was clear compared to our resort. We got in the water, but we didn’t stay long. Shopping, walking, visiting with locals, and experiencing the culture is a refreshing break from the resorts on the main land. I am in love with this island because of the laid back atmosphere and the beauty of the ocean. We didn’t find any sea shells (one of my favorite things to do). One of the local beach peddlers found the quickest way to my wallet. He told me I had great ankles and this anklet would look lovely on me. Sold. One of my future goals is to secure an Air BNB and visit again with a group of my closest pals so they can experience it too!

I Secretly Wished For More Time Here

I could spend a week on this island relaxing; however, my husband might get a little stir crazy because he doesn’t like to sit still. I plan to research some activities so he can stay busy while I’m snoozing in a hammock. We only got to visit Isla Mujeres for three hours, so there is still more for us to see, experience, and write about. I cannot wait to return to the tranquil Isla Mujeres. If you know of a fabulous Air BNB for a group. Send the recommendation my way!

This is an honest review of our excursion. I am not being paid to mention any part of Isla Mujeres, Golf Cart Rentals, Cancun Adventures, Air BNB, or The Royalton Riviera Resort.