Jessica Carrier

About me

There are several unique ways to learn from me:  from one on one coaching to reading my blog, following my socials, and even purchasing my books on amazon.

Scope of Practice

I am not a doctor (yet). As a Holistic Health Specialist and Transformational Nutrition Coach, I do not diagnose, treat, prescribe, interpret labs, cure or prevent any illness or disease, or practice medical nutritional therapy. Healing, I believe, is what the body is designed to do when given the right knowledge and tools. For medical & health care, consult with your trusted provider.

What I do…

I help my clients transform their mindset and navigate clean nutrition.  I have learned how to combine nutrition and psychology in order to help each person I work with as a whole, rather than a set of symptoms. I have studied how food can be used therapeutically to enhance health and improve quality of life. I will never recommend a dangerous diet, juice cleanse, or ever mention calorie counting, like EVER. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions surrounding my credentials or scope of practice. 

My Nutrition Philosophy

Do The Best You Can With What You Have

Eat the best quality of food that you can possibly afford. Can’t afford organic? Invest in a great vegetable wash. Can’t afford Vitamin D supplements? Eat plenty of oranges and get outside in the sun!  Keeping a healthy lifestyle does not have to be expensive.

Put Your Gut FIRST

Your gut houses a large community of microbes. These microbes affect many functions of the body including; your immune system, neurological activity, and your metabolism. 

Listen To Your Body, Rather Than Counting Calories!

Our bodies are not calculators, and the calorie counting philosophy of “calories in and calories out”  often leads people to under eat and does not encourage them to focus on eating nutrient-dense foods. Instead of calorie counting, try journaling. How do you feel right now? What did you eat 24-36 hours ago? Pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Don't Eat It, Have it In Your Home, or Put It On Your Skin If You Cannot Pronounce It!

Eat Real Food! Food that comes from plants, animals, or the sea – not created in a lab. I don’t consider it to be “real” if I cannot pronounce it.  If you must do packaged or processed food, look for labels with fewer than 5 ingredients.