Have you had the courage to hit that “go live” button? Wether you have, or you haven’t. Let’s talk about some tips that will help you the next time you do!

Why should I go live? Why is everyone talking about this?

Live video on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat has been a huge marketing tool for businesses. It gives customers a raw look at who you really are. So much of what we see on social media is pre-recorded, edited, and scripted. Our audiences crave this genuine look at our business process.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Don’t Wait Around. Most people watching your video will be watching the replay. You do not want to have that awkward moment in the beginning of your video where you say “I’m just waiting for more people to come on here before I get started” This could potentially make the people who are there feel less important and the people watching the replay to loose interest. Just get right to it.
  2. Be YOU. I can’t stress this enough. Most of my articles talk about authenticity and they probably always will because it is so important for you. I see so many people going live with their call center customer service voice. You know that ain’t you. Be real with me 🙂
  3. Look at the camera lens, not the screen. Do me a favor right now. Pull out your phone. We’re going to take two selfies. 1st one – look at your self in the screen and smile. 2nd one – look at the camera lens and smile as if you are smiling about something funny a friend said. Now check out the difference. Number 2 is the real you baby! This helps the customer feel you are speaking directly to them.
  4. Bullet Points – No Script. Of course it’s nice to have some type of reminder as to what you wanted to talk about, but don’t let it be too scripted. Write out some quick bullet points on what you wanted to cover. Place it on a sticky note. Now put that sticky note right over your phone screen so you can’t look at yourself 🙂
  5. Ignore the activity during your live. Respond later. You will see many notifications of who is watching, who is commenting, etc. These notifications are distracting and could ruin your live. There are trolls out there who hop on to lives and make the most rude negative comments just to see if they can mess you up so they have something to laugh about (cyber bullies). They are generally fake profiles. Having that sticky note over your screen will prevent you from seeing things like this and ruining your live. You can respond when your done by reporting them to facebook. I like to have a friend who is logged into my account to monitor the comments as I am live.
  6. Go with the flow. Don’t freak out if something goes wrong. People understand it is live – real life things will happen. It’s ok. Use every opportunity you can. I once saw a makeup artist live who slipped a little with the mascara. She took the opportunity to laugh it off and show how good her company’s makeup remover wipes worked (I was sold.)

Most importantly, have fun with it and keep practicing. Feel free to reach out if you need some more help with this topic. Tag me in your next live so I can check it out! Good Luck.