Creative Services

Jess Carrier has been bringing big ideas to small business for 12 years! Her services range from one-day marketing projects to full service virtual marketing direction for your company and even fine art photography! Jess is growth-driven with an entrepreneurial spirit. Her background in technology allows her to flawlessly execute her creative ideas. Jess’s personality type is both enthusiastic and determined with a competitive edge. Her strength is staying energetic and positive even in the most difficult situations. 

“The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret of outward success.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Companies Co-Founded

Wedding Portraits

Websites Built

Cups Of Coffee

Website Design Services begin at $500

Your business or event needs a place to call home online. Jess will craft a cutting edge wordpress website incorporating SEO and User Experience best practices. Your website will be built with your brand, products, and customer profile in mind. Once designed and built, your new website can be handed over for you to simply manage yourself or keep us onboard as a brand manager to ensure it’s packed with fresh, new content. 

Brand Management Services begin at $450 / Month

So, you already have a great website but just don’t have the time to learn web skills or keep your site up to date? Jess will create regular content for your site and make necessary updates to ensure you continue to stand out in the online crowd. Perhaps you have developed a stellar brand, but you need someone on your team to keep all of your collateral in-line with your brand’s appearance.


Social Media Caption Subscription $27 / mo.

Attention DIY marketers!!!!   Never wonder “what to post” on social media again. Jess has created a social media caption service that provides you with over 16 fillable captions per month. It’s a lot like Mad Libs. You fill in your business details ONCE, and then each month you will use those details to fill in your new captions. She even offers photo recommendations to go along with each caption and fun ideas for celebrating national days!  


One-Day Marketing $1500

Don’t be left behind in today’s tech-based world. Let’s get your exsisting business online quickly. We take one full day to set you up with a logo, 3 social media channels, a simple one-page website.