Eat Clean 21 Detox Program


Nourish Your Body – Improve Your Brain Health – Reset Your Metabolism – Release Heavy Metals & Toxins

I am Jessica Carrier, and I am redefining “Detox.” My mission is to steer people away from unhealthy diet culture and improve the brain health of adults and children everywhere.

There is a stigma when people hear “detox” or “cleansing.” I always thought of deprivation, fasting, starvation, juicing, and unpleasant side effects! That is why I set out to find a program to safely cleanse my body without me feeling like crap!

I never knew that we needed more nutrients to release toxins and stored fat, not fewer. Going without food for prolonged periods can hurt more than you may think. After years of studying the detoxification process and learning all the myths surrounding diet culture, I saw an extraordinary opportunity to create real change.

With the Eat Clean 21 Program, there is no fasting, juicing, or starvation. You can eat as much as you want as long as you’re following the recommended foods to include and foods to avoid. This program will cleanse and nourish your body from the inside out. Best of all, there are minimal unpleasant side effects. Each meal’s ingredients will support the body’s natural detoxification process!

I define detoxing as: “lifestyle changes that reduce the exposure of toxins while nourishing the body to improve digestion & brain health.”

If you are ready to think and feel better, let’s get started.


You deserve a body that is healthy, strong and powerful.

You deserve a mind that doesn’t condemn or berate you because of the way you look or feel.

You deserve a life that is vibrant, energetic, and fueled with confidence!

My Eat Clean 21 Detox Program is in a league all of its own when it comes to cleanses. Unlike most cleanses where you’re depriving the body, this one focuses on nourishing your mind, body and soul so that you can experience a complete cleansing transformation without any unwanted side effects.  

What’s Included?


The 21-Day Step-by-Step Program Guide is a quick, fun read loaded with information.

It contains helpful, time-saving tips and resources to maximize your cleansing results including what foods to eat, which to avoid, what types of movement I recommend, ways to detox your mind for optimal health and much more!


My 21 Day Meal Plan is a step-by-step plan that tells you exactly what to do for each day and when you need to do it! It doesn’t get any easier than that!


This book contains simple, mouth-watering recipes that includes ingredients you can find at your local grocery store!






DO NOT use this program or products if you are:

  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Undergoing or recovering from surgery
  • Have extreme nutrient deficiencies
  • Have extreme weakness
  • Have Type 1 Diabetes
  • Have bloody stools or an inflammation of the GI tract
  • Currently under the care of a doctor for a disease or medical condition
  • Have an allergy to any of the ingredients in the products
  • On birth control (please use a back-up method during the cleanse) 


The statements made in this program have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and represent the opinions of the authors. The author is not a Medical Doctor and does not engage directly or indirectly in diagnosing disease, dispensing medical advice, or prescribing the use of any products or services as treatment for sickness or disease. This information is for educational purposes only.  You should always cooperate with the health professional of your choice with a mutual goal of building good health. Please consult the physician of your choice before starting this, or any, diet plan or exercise program. Do not use or apply any of the information contained in this book if you are nursing or pregnant. Any application or use of the information, resources, or recommendations contained within this book is at your own risk. 

I do not claim to “cure” disease. Please carefully read all product packaging and instructions prior to using. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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