A post having many Facebook likes used to tell the social giant’s algorithm that “this content is important.”

Today, likes having any significant meaning are now a thing of the past in the world of social media. Many online entrepreneurs are even fessing up that the people who purchased their products, are finding the information on social media, but aren’t engaging with it.

“A few years ago, you could take likes to the bank. But, those days are over, and they are never coming back. In fact, when I looked into who bought my programs and became one-on-one clients in 2017, I realized most of them didn’t engage with my content. They didn’t “like” my posts. I didn’t notice them inside my Facebook Groups. They didn’t reply to my emails or other social media messages.” – Scott Oldford, Guest Writer for Entrapreneur

Now Think about the last time that you personally seen something interesting on Facebook. You may have clicked the link, read through the article, or considered the purchase. Did you go back to your feed and click “like”? I ain’t doing it.

When I started using Instagram as a tool for my business, I may have received 4-5 likes per post. With that said, over a period of one month and consistent posting and engaging, I was able to see a 32% increase in sales. Although my posts didn’t get likes, I knew that my consistent marketing was the root of my increased sales.

Likes do not measure social media marketing impact. The only true way to gage the effectiveness of your content is to watch how sales, personal messages, emails, and phone calls have increased.

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