My Story

Jess Carrier

Short Story: Building my first business sparked my passion for startups and creative marketing. This lead to a string of ventures from founding a coffee and tea company to my current position as the Executive Director of Monona County Economic Development and the start-up of a regional non-profit for entrepreneurs.  I am a growth driven self starter who thrives in a fast pace, deadline-driven environment. I’m a big dreamer, but my military experience keeps me disciplined and grounded. My technology background gives me the tools and affords me the ability to execute almost any creative idea that pops in my mind.  I believe we are here to continuously evolve and be better everyday.

“Without continual progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin

Longer Version…

I am a life-long learner with a passion for entrepreneurship & personal growth.

I joined the United States Air Force right out of high school, where I specialized in Information Technology. As a result of belonging to something extraordinarily bigger than myself, I became fueled with a desire for helping others succeed and to see massive growth in the projects I was involved in. 

In an effort to help others, I poured into as many projects as possible in an attempt to discover what I was really good at. I took the lead on multiple community projects and also started a photography business. I began to see a trend that the projects that I was involved with were really able to shine when I had the freedom to express my creativity. I started to explore photography, and launched my first creative business in 2012.



With a new found focus and determination,  I became a nationally recognized artist. My photography business eventually morphed into a design agency where I discovered my great love for marketing, branding, and web design. I later co-founded two locally needed companies including a coffee brand and waste management corporation.

Coffee & Community Impact

Paving the way for other businesses and makeing big waves on Iowa’s West Coast!

-I set out on a mission to use my coffee brand to positively impact the lives of those in my community.  The initial opening of our first location did exactly what it was intended to do: create a chain start up reaction of inspired local entrepreneurs.

In 2017 I was asked to be the Executive Director for Monona County’s Economic Development organization. I am currently responsible for the systematic marketing of Monona County, Iowa and the facilitation of economic development initiatives that foster the retention, expansion, and attraction of business and residents to the county. Since August of 2017, we have experienced significant growth with over $35 million in investments in Monona County. In partnership with 3 other counties, we have co-founded a non-profit for Iowa’s West Coast to further spur entrepreneurial activity in our region. 


Need Help With Marketing and Business Development?

If you are looking for a marketing director for your company with natural creative abilities and a passion for personal growth, then you’re in the right place! My experience in developing and executing creative marketing strategy can help your team make the impact you have always dreamed of.  If you have a business that makes a difference in this world and contributes to personal, health, or business growth, I”M IN!

Maybe you are a small company that just needs help on a specific creative project? I can craft a stand-out website for your business, marketing plan, promotional video, or develop a 6 month social media marketing strategy to get you off to a great marketing start!