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My page needs more followers so I can reach more people. I need to reach more people so I can get more sales. I need more, more, more.

Can you relate? I’m not sure if I know of an entrepreneur that hasn’t said they want more. More could mean that you have become successful and have the desire to push further – way to go! It could also mean you just want enough sales to keep the freaking lights on, Can I get an amen?

Is chasing a high quantity of followers the answer?

Let’s take a look at the life of a fisherman. He or she could catch many small fish by tossing out a large net. How often have you heard a fisherman say “look at how many tiny fish I caught today”?  Let’s be real, how many tiny fish would it take to actually feed a family. If you talk with a fisherman, he or she would say that “the trophy catch, or the fish large enough to feed their family, comes from using the proper bait at the right time with a great amount of patience”.

I hope your picking up what I’m putting down here. Sure, it is a great ego boost to have a ton of followers. A large amount of fake followers aren’t feeding your business by engaging or buying, is that what you really want? More importantly, you should be targeting an authentic following from people that will be loyal to your brand.

How do you find true followers?

Authenticity = Bate. Consistency = Time. Building a loyal tribe requires you to show up every single day being REAL.

I read this quote sometime ago. “If you are 1 in a million, consequently there are 7,000 people on this earth just like you.”  This means that the only thing setting you apart from the millions of other entrepreneurs out there is your unique ability to deliver the information like no one else can. Sure, other people might be selling the same exact thing, but those 7,000 people, your people, they are out there and they are waiting for the information to come from YOU. You have to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and deliver your product in the most TRUE-YOU way that you can.

You will notice that the more authentic you become, the more your people will start to flock to you. I promise you, authenticity works, because it worked for me.

For every one person that I pushed away by being authentic, it seems like I drew a deeper connection with 2 others. Those are great odds. When someone unfollows me.. Bye Felicia. Hello to my people.

In business, people aren’t buying a product. They are buying a story and experience. If your real story is relatable to them, they are likely to follow you. Then once you have built trust with them, they are likely to purchase from you. The real you.

Want to learn more about authenticity and leading with your true self? Try this book.