Finding your purpose isn’t a complex formula and it does not require a 3-day fasting exercise in a Tibetan cave. Although to me it sounds nice to cut myself off from society for a little self-discovery, it can be as simple as looking in the mirror. 

What was that one thing that you didn’t know how to do, that you finally figured out? Maybe it’s not even something that you are good at, perhaps it’s just something that you know really well (ya know – they say, “those who can’t do, teach”)

Let’s say that there was a time in your life that you hit rock bottom and never thought you would see the light. You went through a huge transformation and now your on top of the world, sharing your story with others to inspire.

You are here. On this earth. To help others. That is your purpose.

Can we have many purposes? I do. Can it change as we grow? Mine has (many times).

Ask yourself, “How can I help people by using the gifts I have been given, or the knowledge that I have?” What are people always asking of you? Are you the one they call to help organize? Do other women ask you to help them shop? Do you get calls during the holidays for cooking advice? 

Everyone who has found their purpose, has found it by helping others with what they already found a solution for.

Let’s say you love Nutella; however, you don’t love all of the ingredients. You go to work in the kitchen until you have created the perfect alternative. Your purpose could be sharing that with others. No, seriously, give it up.

What is something that you struggled with big time that now your really good at because someone helped you out? It’s time to pay it forward!

Can business and purpose align? Absolutely. There’s always ways to monetize your purpose – you just don’t want to loose track of why you started helping people in the first place. Most successful business models that exist today solve a problem for someone.

Does your purpose HAVE to align with your career? Not really. You can fulfill your purpose at anytime. It doesn’t have to be your 9-5, however, sometimes our purpose consumes us so much, and provides financial opportunity that we are forced to quit our day job. If this doesn’t happen for you, that is ok too, just focus right now on what you can do to help people. What brings joy to your heart? What is it that you become so consumed with, that you cant focus on anything else? That. That is your purpose.

Just because someone else may get more attention for their purpose, does not mean that yours is any less valuable. You don’t have to be Oprah to make a big impact.

Here are some books on this topic that I have enjoyed reading. (Leave your minimal ingredient Nutella recipes in the comments)