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With all of the online shopping hype, you may believe that brick and mortar retail will slowly fade out and that online shopping is the future. This is not the case today. While online shopping is a great new convenient technology, we have to remember that people do not want to be stuck at home all of the time. More than that, people are eagerly seeking out smaller communities to visit and experience. We just have to let them know that we are here and what we have to offer.

Ask yourself today: “What makes a customer leave their home to visit my store?”

Would you personally leave your home to visit your store if you did not own it? What makes it so special? Nowadays brick and mortars aren’t competing for customers based on product. We are competing based on experience. Before diving deep into marketing your business in this post-modern era, take some time to ask yourself what does your business have to offer for a unique experience? Got the answer? Great. Lets market like we have never marketed before!

1. Get Social.

If you haven’t yet, its time to set up that Facebook business page. If you already have one, it’s time to get active. Check out Wordstream’s article on Getting Started With Social Media Marketing. Share photos to your social profile that will entice customers to visit your store. Talk about the environment, the staff, etc. Don’t forget to engage with customers by answering questions and encouraging them to comment. This builds relationships and loyalty. Chances are, you are already spending time on social media. Take that time to market your business. One simple step you can take today is liking and commenting on other posts, just to help people remember your name.

2. Get on the Map.

With today’s technology, a potential customer no longer has to drive around searching for what they need. They simply push a button on their phones, and say “I would like a giant cheeseburger.” Google will analyze the need and location of the customer and gather a business list of the closest restaurants known for “Giant Cheeseburgers.” The map will take the customer directly to that business. Is your business in on this action? Click here to add your business to the map!

3. Check your facade.

Is it time to update the facade of your building? Been needing to update your signage? Studies show that just changing an accent color, or adding a potted plant can help potential customers to notice your store. Some cities have exterior facade programs to help offset the cost of upgrading the exterior of your building – check with your local economic development organization for information.

4. It’s All About The Vibes

Create a clean environment your customer will want to spend time in. When you make a customer’s visit enjoyable, they will do half of your marketing for you. When its not-so-great they also will spread the word. Talk to your staff today about customer service, organization, and cleanliness.