Go Live With These 7 Helpful Tips

Go Live On Facebook With These Helpful Tips

Have you had the courage to hit that “go live” button? Let’s talk about some tips that will help you the next time you do! Why should you go live? Why is everyone talking about this? Live video on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat has been a huge marketing tool for […]

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Likes Are So Last Season

Facebook Likes

A post having many Facebook likes used to tell the social giant’s algorithm that “this content is important.” Today, likes having any significant meaning are now a thing of the past in the world of social media. Many online entrepreneurs are even fessing up that the people who purchased their products, are finding the information […]

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How To Find Purpose In This World

Find Your purpose

Finding your purpose isn’t a complex formula and it does not require a 3-day fasting exercise in a Tibetan cave. Although to me it sounds nice to cut myself off from society for a little self-discovery, it can be as simple as looking in the mirror.  What was that one thing that you didn’t know […]

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How To Build A Tribe Of Followers Online

Get More Followers on Facebook and Instagram.

My page needs more followers so I can reach more people. I need to reach more people so I can get more sales. I need more, more, more. Can you relate? I’m not sure if I know of an entrepreneur that hasn’t said they want more. More could mean that you have become successful and […]

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