The Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa hosts an All In White Party every Friday night. Everyone gets dressed up in all white outfits to dance under the backlights. The party starts at 9pm. We missed the party the last time we visited, because we flew home on a Friday morning. We were happy to be able to attend this time around.

White Outfits at Royalton's Friday Night Party

I took a chance and ordered our clothes on Amazon. Both outfits fit true-to-size and were great quality. My dress was a little see-through in certain lighting, so I would recommend a white tank top underneath.

This particular dress will need steamed, because it creases easily during travel. I didn’t know the resort provided steamers, so I brought my own. My husband’s outfit did not need steamed at the resort. It held up through travel quite well.

Wearing white to this party is not a requirement, but for me it was really fun! Some people will just wear light colored clothes, and some just wear regular clothes. If anything else, the outfits provided a few great photos.

The shoes I ordered were very comfortable and they went with all of my dress outfits that I brought. I also plan to wear these white shoes to two more events this summer. I spent a little more for the Dr. Scholls brand, because the resort is big. No one wants to be miserable during vacation.