Hey, I hear you. This has been the most trying year for everyone, and especially entrepreneurs. So many of us have wanted to throw in the towel at least once, if not twice in 2020. One thing this year has taught me is to be mentally resilient in business adversity, I want to share with you how I have kept my doors and my mind open up to this point.

#1 Don’t Stop Showing Up

This can be the toughest change in business attitude, I know. What I have learned this year is that success is not about having the best product, being the smartest entrepreneur, or offering the most affordable service. It’s all about continuing to push through on both the good and bad days. Never underestimate the value of simply doing the work.

#2 Seize Every Opportunity

When you are down on your luck and things don’t feel like they are working out, this can be the most difficult time to put a smile on your face, introduce yourself, and market your business with a great attitude. It is more important now than it ever has been to show up in those groups, attend the zoom calls, and let the world know what you have to offer. Feel like you already said that? Say it again. Think everyone already knows about your promo? Tell them again.

#3 Stop Obsessing Over Your Competition

My husband and I have both had our share of spending too much valuable time concerned about our competitors. We shifted our focus from them to making our products and services the best they could be. When we did that, our sales doubled, and then tripled. I promise, if you just forget about what they are doing, It will change your life and business forever.

Our only competition should be with the entrepreneurs we were yesterday.

#4 Stop Personalizing

Most of our businesses were built on a foundation of who we are as people. It becomes easy to think the bad days are about who we are as people. You can find less stress when you allow experiences simply to happen, rather than thinking they are happening to you or against you. “All that is required is a shift in perspective through removing personal prejudice. Do not buy the idea that your experiences are all about you.” – Gary Fugere

Where you are right now, I’ve been there. I cry real tears over my business. My feelings get hurt too. It is time to pick yourself up out of this rut and remind your inner hustler what you are here for. Then, don’t stop until you get there.